How I Finally Owned My Dog

Today I made progress with my dog. I finally got a “decent” experience with Hannah the Pet Society. Allow me to explain…

Hannah ended up in the news recently for their critical mistake in murdering three dogs. While Hannah disputes the term and argues that it was the best choice available, the truth is that the facts just don’t add up. There are plenty of articles regarding the issue available online, along with a laundry-list of recent issues including lawsuits and a “housecleaning” of executives in August of 2015.

I never received what I considered to be reasonable service from the company for my dog, Presto. In fact, I have always been frustrated with their service (or lack thereof). When I came across the recent article regarding the three dogs that were killed (Hannah claims they were violent, but there is no evidence of this), I had had enough of it. I began researching the validity of the article. The facts? It happened. There is a petition out to stop it from happening again. The CEO, Scott, stands by his decision. Hannah believes if they cannot train a dog, then no one can. That’s a load of crock, by the way. Their training is not that great…

So, what was my best service? Being on the phone with them for thirty minutes, discussing recent events, and having my contract cancelled. I had to pay part of the pet fee, but I sure as hell was not going to give my dog to them. So, a few months waived and part of the contract cancellation fee waived, and it’s a done deal. That’s assuming they don’t come back for more, which I would not be surprised to see happen. But the end result? My dog is in better hands with my ownership instead of theirs.

The business model is cool, but an animal is a living thing. We don’t lease kids, and we shouldn’t lease pets either. Commit or don’t adopt, but if you commit then you can’t hide behind a lack of ownership. It’s time to “man up” in the pet-rearing department, folks.