Pokemon Taekwondo

As the entire world is already aware, the craze of Pokemon Go has spread like a wildfire. The result? Doubled stocks for Nintendo, and of course, extra battery packs. My limited involvement with the game has resulted in quadrupling my battery consumption. Yikes! (It’s actually not that hard to do…)

As a millennial, one would think I would be as obsessed with the platform as the rest of the world is. However, I am not. I grew up with Pokemon, both the Game Boy (pre-color) game and the card game and loved both. I even went to card competitions. Despite my fondness in my youth, this is not the Pokemon I grew up with. Rather, this is the Augmented Reality revolution that my children desire. I’d personally prefer the Game Boy edition on my iOS device.

What is remarkable about the new game is that it is getting America walking again. Ironically enough, one of the first corporate partnerships is with McDonald’s, which defeats the purpose of being healthy. Seeing exhausted dogs, and people wanting off their dogs (two different kinds there) are great things to see in the average American. The ingenuity to block GPS counting if not logging steps and above a particular speed is wonderful, and forces people to get outside and lose a calorie or two (not any more lest we go overboard with weight loss ideas!).

Also, this week, my family and I started Taekwondo. Between the two (thank you Groupon), my body is too sore to even stand up at times, and it’s only Tuesday. This is going to be one tough week, as I still have a class tomorrow and a dozen eggs to hatch…

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