Progress is Difficult

Progress is always an uphill battle. 

No one ever said their huge project or endeavor was easy to do (at least not worthwhile ones). No one ever said their dissertation was a breeze (at least not academic ones). No one ever said their _____ was simple and light (at least not anything worth accomplishing).

In its very nature, progress is challenging. It is the enemy of laziness, the victor of struggle. Progress can seem natural, but it is not naturally occurring. Progress relies on limited resources – time and energy. Without consistent effort and hard work, progress will not succeed.

In those cases, it is the simple opposite: congress.

One case in point: the naming convention of all government projects. They never amount to their goal:

  • No Child Left Behind
  • Affordable Healthcare
  • Equal Rights

Before naming the project and pushing it through, perhaps it is better to actually achieve the goal and implement based off success, not ideals. Progress requires little amounts of success to continue to grow and amass magnificent success.

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