Truth is Never Relative – Only Absolute

A large part of the modern American culture is consumerism. Yes, I know, this is not news. It is olds. What is more recent, however, is the fact that consumerism has led to the rise of the “me” mentality, which has spawned a social media generation that acts on entitlement and believes they own the right to be heard and respected. This is nowhere close to truth. In rebuttal, this postmodern culture argues for absolute equality, complete freedom, and relative truth. Everyone has the right to everything as long as it doesn’t harm others, right? Wrong.

The laws of science prove that there are absolute truths. If everything is relative and nothing absolute, then one plus one can only sometimes equal two, and equal any number of choosing if the person doesn’t want two. Additionally, light is dark and dark is light. The natural laws are abandoned for convenience and abdication from holding to anything that could potentially condemn. This culture is wrong in its entirely, based not on religious world views (of which many agree there is absolute truth), but rather on the scientific facts. Opinions and hurt feelings be damned, there are a few simple facts that the postmodern culture and millennial generation have just plain gotten wrong:
1. There are absolute, verifiable truths.
2. These truths are non-negotiable and apply to everyone.
3. Not all people are equal.
4. While we strive for equality, there will always be the rich and the poor, strong and the weak.
5. Not everyone can do everything.
6. Not everyone can do anything, but they sure can try.
7. Intolerance is a fact of life. Get over it.
8. You’re being intolerant if you reject those who are intolerant. Don’t be a hypocrite – be above the fold.
9. Life can suck, but it’s worth it.
10. Life isn’t fair, and that’s the point. Get over it.
11. Without scientific intervention, only heterosexual unions can produce future generations (thus they remove themselves from the gene pool).

If you don’t agree, then too bad. I’m not seeking to build a bridge on absolute truth, but rather point out that based on science alone, truth is a necessity. The message is not popular, but to err on being factual, it’s the truth. Enjoy.

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